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The How - Interest Building

Why traditional approaches to middle school often fall short

For too long, students have chosen careers and interests at random, under pressure, or by accident. Major Explorer reports that 50% to 70% of students change their major up to 3 times before they graduate. This indecision and lack of depth has consequences for life, college, and career preparation and satisfaction.

Cycle of Confusion
Cycle of Confusion

Much of this confusion is due to “passing through” classes and experiences over 12 years without a compelling “WHY?” that’s supported by a carefully curated learning experience.

The founders of Achievers Early College Preparatory school set out to discover how to help students dismantle the cycle of confusion by discovering their talents early on and building strengths and skills. After studying leading models in work-based education and project-based learning, Achievers developed its interest-building algorithm to help students get ahead in their studies and careers by building skills and interests at a young age.

With our Inquire, Explore, Identify, and Deepen progression, students have 6 years to cultivate skills and experiences that lead to happiness, clarity, and an almost two-times lifetime earnings with our focus on STEAM sciences and careers.

Interest-building Algorithm
Interest-building Algorithm

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