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Our School

AECP wants to make it possible for its students to earn:

  1. A high school diploma
  2. Up to 60 transferable college credits
  3. Commercially viable skills in technology
  4. Workplace learning experience and internships

Why? Read more information about STEAM and Early College Prep.

Our curriculum is composed of a 3-year college prep middle school sequence and a two-year college preparatory sequence in the 9th and 10th grades that progresses directly into a two-year college course of study, augmenting traditional 11th and 12th grades courses. This alternative to a traditional middle and high school is founded on the belief that many low-income minority students are not prepared early enough for college and careers. They tend to lack the financial and other resources to apply to, enroll in, and complete degrees of study that will be professionally and financially rewarding after graduation. Achievers Early College Prep benefits from the leadership and experience of New York and New Jersey-based public and public charter schools, teachers, college professors, community leaders and early college high school leaders around the country.

Achievers Early College Preparatory Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school open to all students in Trenton, NJ. We opened in August of 2018 with our founding 6th-grade class and will grow each year to ultimately serve students in grades 6-12.