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Hello Scholars! We can't wait to see you during Student Orientation! Please follow the directions below and don't forget to complete the survey highlighted in yellow below.

(A) On your assigned Student Orientation Day, you will login by 7:30am, by using clicking on the following: (link removed). You will need to enter the password: (removed)

6th Grade: Wednesday, August 26th @ 7:30am
7th Grade: Thursday, August 27th @ 7:30am
8th Grade: Friday, August 28th @ 7:30am

(B) You will be placed in a waiting room. If your name is spelled correctly, you will be accepted into the ZOOM meeting (if not, you will have to log off, change your name in your settings and login again).

(C) Upon entering the meeting, please remember the "GOLDEN 5"

Remember the "ACHIEVERS GOLDEN 5"
(1) Be in an appropriate workspace (sitting up at desk, not on bed or on the floor, quiet place)
(2) Name is spelled correctly, First & Last
(3) Have cameras on & mics are muted upon entry
(4) Arrive to class on time
(5) Achievers T-Shirt must be worn at all times


In preparation for your student orientation, please take the following survey to confirm you understand: (link removed)


If you are experiencing any challenges, please call the main office ((609) 429-0279).

Additional Resources:

1. How to log onto ZOOM: CLICK HERE

2. MAP Instructions: CLICK HERE

Parents: Download and Set up Zoom for the 2020-2021 School year