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Special Education Support

ABOUT OUR Special Education Program

Achievers Early College Prep uses inclusive education as a model for all students. This model provides opportunities for all learners to collaborate and excel to the best of their academic and social abilities. If students have documented learning disabilities and require additional assistance in math or reading, a special educator is guaranteed to co-teach in the general education classroom. This special educator may also provide out of class support a few times a week to provide instruction in a small group. All services are documented on the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).

For students who do not have an IEP but are repeatedly showing concerns in a particular class or academic skill, parents are encouraged to reach out to the program coordinator, Maria Hocker. Achievers Early College Prep implements the I&RS process to identify students and create interventional plans to address those difficulties in a systematic format. Special education teachers and supporting staff provide individualized instruction to learners and collect data for their IEP goals. All staff are provided professional development throughout the year on special education best practices.

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