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Achievers Early College Prep - High School

Vision & Mission


Achievers Early College Prep Charter School (AECP) is New Jersey’s first public charter school for students in grades 6-12 that provides them with the unique opportunity to take a two-year course of study in STEM fields following the 10th grade, enabling them to redefine the high school experience and graduate with skills, experiences, and content mastery that’s significant to them in the market place and the world beyond.


AECP wants to make it possible for students in Trenton to earn, at no or low cost:

  1. A High school diploma
  2. Up to 60 transferable college credits
  3. An associate’s degree
  4. Workplace learning, credentials and internships

This alternative to a traditional middle and high school is founded on the belief that many underserved minority students are not prepared early enough for college and competitive STEM studies. They tend to lack the emotional and financial resources to apply to, enroll in, and complete degrees of study that will be professionally and financially rewarding in the long run. Achievers Early College Prep benefits from the leadership and experience of New York and New Jersey-based charter school operators, teachers, college professors, community leaders and early college school leaders.

Recent Student Graduates

Meet Our Team

High School Team

Staff Picture - Maldonado, E.
Maldonado, E. Ops & Data Coordinator
Chery, Y. Human Resources/Personnel Coordinator
School Nurse
Staff Picture - Checki, M.
Checki, M. Empowered Special Education Teacher
Math Teacher
Staff Picture - Floyd, B.
Floyd, B. Math Teacher
Staff Picture - Bitner, S.
Bitner, S. ELL Teacher
Biology Teacher
Staff Picture - Lee
Lee, R. Audio Engineering Teacher
Staff Picture - Stricker
Stricker, G. 6-9th Latin Teacher
Staff Picture - Strickland
Strickland, D. Behavior Specialist

Leadership Team

Staff Picture - Miller
Miller, J. Assistant Principal
Staff Picture - Coppin, N.
Coppin, N. High School Principal
Staff Picture - Wright, S.
Wright, S. Director of Operations

Support Roles

Staff Picture - Allen
Allen, T. Lunch Aide
Staff Picture - Ronquillo
Ronquillo, B. Lunch Aide

AECP Network Team

Staff Picture - O. Osagie - CoDirector
Osagie, O. Co-Lead/Instruction
Staff Picture - E. Odeleye - CoDirector
Odeleye, E. Co-Lead/Operations
Staff Picture - Wright, S.
Wright, S. Director of Operations
Christopher Benson CTE & Cisco Academy Director

Office Support

Macario, M. Administrative Assistant
Berkely, C. IT Support Specialist



Middle schools and high schools need to innovate significantly to educate our kids for tomorrow’s industries.

In what's being hailed as the next Opportunity Gap, African-Americans and Latinos are trailing behind their White and Asian counterparts taking part in the science, technology and engineering education and careers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that, during the period 2010–2020, employment in S&E occupations will grow by 18.7%, compared to 14.3% for all occupations. The National Science Foundation projects that individuals employed in S&E occupations earn considerably more than the median earnings for all occupations. Median earnings for S&E occupations were $74,380 in 2009 and $78,270 in 2012. Median earnings for all occupations were $33,190 in 2009 and $34,750 in 2012.

Bottom-line: A STEAM career is a sure way to secure your economic future. If low-income African-American and Latino students do not get early exposure to STEAM sciences and careers, and have the chance to build their skills in these areas, these groups risk being shut out of the most promising gateway into the middle class and economic opportunity for years to come.

Cisco and CTE Academy

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Student working on laptop


Clubs, Sports and Passion Projects

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Project-based Learning: Winter Fair and Performance Tasks

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