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(2020-2021) Principal Resident


Achievers Early College Prep Charter School (Achievers) is New Jersey's first public charter school designed to get students a STEM-focused associate's degree (or up to 60 college credits) by the time they finish high school. Achievers will launch in the summer of 2018 with its first class of sixth graders, setting them with the unique and challenging opportunity to take a two-year course of study in STEM fields following the 10th grade. Achievers wants to redefine the middle school and high school experience, enabling students to graduate with skills, experiences, and content mastery that's significant to them in the marketplace and the world beyond.

  • Demonstrates a passion for and commitment to Achievers Early College Prep's mission
  • Thrives in a startup environment (comfort with change and ambiguity, takes initiative)
  • Evidence of self-motivation and willingness to be a team player
  • Experience in school(s) which rely heavily on intervention, literacy, and learning as a means to dramatically increase student achievement develop content knowledge and skills (preferred)
  • Exhibits a laser-focus on rigorous instruction by emphasizing student engagement with complex texts, critical thinking, and comprehensive literary analysis
  • Strong skill in analyzing student work and student data, coupled with a deep commitment to data-driven decision making
  • Unwavering commitment to feedback, improvement, and notion of “I'M ALL IN”
  • Alignment with Achievers' core beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable!

AchieversECP is looking for a Principal Resident who will is humble, inspires, motivates and urgently works towards closing the Achievement Gap. We need a fearless individual who is not afraid of having difficult conversations, while nurturing to the needs of the staff, students & families. This person will also cultivate a sense of pride in AchieversECP, harmony and "Team Work", for staff to feel pushed, feel appreciated and to be ready to lead their scholars in giving their best. Ultimately, the goal of this Fellowship is to prepare a Principal to oversee school culture, instruction, curriculum, assessment and professional development.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

The Principal Resident of Achievers learns alongside the Lead Person of the school for a full-year prior to assuming official leadership responsibilities as s/he learns to understand and grow in proficiency in successfully completing of all tasks related to the school's operations and delivery of services. Furthermore, the Principal Resident will study and immediately apply the leadership skills that matter most, as s/he leads a team of teachers at Achievers and grapples with the unpredictable challenges leaders encounter every day. The Principal Resident benefit from job-embedded coaching during their residency and induction period, working with the founders to learn to lead at AchieversECP.


Outline Program Focus

  1. In Training
  2. Intense Practice
  3. Evaluation & Feedback
  4. Staff Support & Professional Development
  5. School Milieu
  6. Students & Families
  7. Programs
  8. Curriculum Development & Program Enhancement
  9. Board Duties
  10. Program Accountability
  11. External Relations

Throughout the principal fellowship year, the Principal Resident will receive coaching and feedback from the Co-Leaders. S/he will have an Individual Development Plan that identifies the specific areas of development for the Fellow around which the fellowship will be customized to ensure focused development opportunities.

  • Coaching during residency and induction
  • Three 1:1 performance meetings
Staff Support & Professional Development
  • Plan & coordinate professional development
  • Maintain updated Professional Development Plan
  • Manage teacher certification process
  • *Mentor program: monthly meetings, e-mentoring (monthly), monthly reflections, novice teacher meetings
  • Hold monthly faculty meetings
  • Attend Grade Group Team meetings
  • Conduct new staff orientation & workshops
School Milieu
  • Develop daily scheduling
  • Assist with overseeing daily procedures: staff attendance & coverage, classroom visits
  • Event coordination & planning
  • Manage Personal Education Plan conferences
Students & Families
  • Oversee discipline procedures- bus, school day, & After School Program: resolve/investigate conflicts daily, compile & review incident reports, communicate with teachers & parents, follow through with staff, post-suspension meetings, initiate board hearings & student contracts as appropriate
  • Oversee school communication to members
  • Coordinate Industry and University Partners
  • Conduct parent orientations
  • Revise program for new grade groupings/classes/students as needed
  • Review all progress summaries
  • Coordinate with Child Study Team monthly
  • Meet with Intervention and Referral Services monthly
Curriculum Development & Program Enhancement
  • Oversee weekly lesson plans & feedback/support
  • Assist with overseeing documentation of curriculum
  • Assist with overseeing development of curriculum
  • Summer curriculum arrangements, incl. budget (w/SBA)
Board Duties
  • Attend monthly Board meetings & provide written report
  • Serve on Board Exec Committee & meet monthly
  • Chair the School Review Committee & meet bimonthly
  • Attend Growth and Sustainability meetings & provide input in long-term planning
  • Make budget decisions regarding staffing plan, instructional program
  • Work with Development Officer to collect specific information from staff
Program Accountability
  • Contribute to annual report
  • Co-Develop Mentor plan
  • Assist with overseeing charter maintenance & renewal
  • Assist with overseeing compliance w/state regulations
  • Assist with overseeing grant-writing, spending, budgeting aspects of entitlement grants
  • Learn to analyze and disseminate state test results
  • Provide definition of data structures measuring student behavior and achievement
External Relations
  • Learn to serve as Lead Person- public face of the school
  • Maintaining working relations with Boards, Superintendents, etc.
  • Learn to serve as the general contact-person for DOE
  • Attend meetings/conferences outside school
  • Partner with community resources for education
  • Minimum Educational level: Bachelor's degree in Education
  • Experience Required: 5 years teaching and working in classrooms and coaching teachers, preferable in urban schools and/or communities
  • Highly Preferred Experience: Dean or equivalent leadership role and experience at a high-performing charter school
  • NJ certified teaching credential
  • NJ Supervisor certification
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Shared vision to Achievers Early College Prep Charter School's mission
  • Demonstrate a relentless drive to improve the minds, characters, and lives of students both in and out of school (Growth Minded Oriented);
  • Principal Fellows have the ability to provide high leverage feedback to teachers via classroom observations;
  • Principal Fellows are able to have difficult conversations in a respectful manner;
  • Principal Fellows are committed to continual professional growth;
  • Principal Fellows demonstrate
    • strong record of driving exceptional student results;
    • strong data analysis skills;
    • grit and personal responsibility;
    • high quality communications skills with multiple stakeholders including teachers, students, families, and colleagues;
    • strong organizational skills, extremely careful attention to detail and follow-through

Staff Supervision & Evaluation

  • Observe as Co-Leaders evaluates teaching staff
  • Supervise teaching staff
  • Assist with overseeing hiring— substitute teachers, teachers, assistant principal/DCI, consultants, etc.
  • Assist with overseeing staff attendance & leave requests

We offer a generous compensation package. All staff members are equipped with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated work space, laptop computer, email, high-speed internet access, and all necessary supplies

(2020-2021) Principal Resident

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